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TitleProtein disulphide isomerase-mediated grafting of cysteine-containing peptides onto over-bleached hair
Author(s)Fernandes, Margarida M.
Paulo, Artur Cavaco
KeywordsProtein disulfi de isomerase
Over-bleached hair
Cysteine-containing peptides
Disulfi de bonds
Hair treatments
Issue date2012
PublisherInforma Healthcare
JournalBiocatalysis and Biotransformation
Abstract(s)The ability of Protein disulphide isomerase (PDI) to promote the grafting of two cysteine-containing peptides onto hair was investigated in order to develop an alternative treatment for over-bleached hair. The studied peptides were designed based on human keratin and human lung surfactant proteins and were linked to a fluorescent dye to facilitate visualisation of the grafting process and to assess hair penetration. The ability of the peptides to restore mechanical and thermal properties lost by repeated bleaching treatments was also studied. After eight bleaching treatments, hair samples displayed 42% less mechanical resistance, coupled with a decrease in α-helix denaturation enthalpies and temperatures. Hair surface damage following bleaching was visualized by scanning electron microscopy. Addition of PDI to the treatment formulations promoted peptide attachment to the hair via disulphide bonds, facilitating their penetration into the hair cortex, as observed by fluorescence microscopy. The proposed peptide treatment resulted in an increase in α-helix denaturation enthalpy in over-bleached hair, as well as an increase in both Young's modulus and tensile strength. Thus, mechanical and thermal properties were improved after the peptide treatment in the presence of PDI; suggesting that the formulations presented in this work are promising candidates for hair-care applications.
Publisher versionDOI: 10.3109/10242422.2012.644436
AccessOpen access
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