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TitleMorphological aspects of injection-molded polypropylene with metallic pigments
Author(s)Santos, Isabel O.
Pontes, A. J.
Martins, Carla I.
Issue date2013
PublisherSociety of Plastics Engineers (SPE)
Abstract(s)Innovation, design freedom, cost and weight reduction are some factors for the replacement of metals by plastics. Plastics continue to offer attractive solutions for design engineers. The metallic effect obtained by incorporation of metal particles in polymers by injection molding has the advantage of eliminating post-processing techniques such as painting or metallization. Moreover, it reduces production costs and time to get a superior part quality. Nevertheless, undesired defects in the final appearance of parts are common, such as flow lines and weld lines. These defects occur due to inhomogeneous orientation and anisotropy of the metal particles. Very few studies are reporting the influence of metallic particles on the morphology development of PP parts. Therefore, this study is focused on the production of parts made of PP/metallic pigments (aluminum, bronze and copper) by injection molding in order to understand the influence of metallic particles on the aesthetic and morphological properties of the parts.
TypeConference paper
DescriptionPublicado em "ANTEC 2013 - Proceedings of the 71st Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition"
AccessOpen access
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