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dc.contributor.authorRana, Sohelpor
dc.contributor.authorParveen, Shamapor
dc.contributor.authorFangueiro, Raúlpor
dc.contributor.authorPaiva, M. C.por
dc.contributor.authorXavier, Josépor
dc.description.abstractConcrete is the primary construction material for civil infrastructures and generally consists of cement, coarse aggregates, sand, admixtures and water. Cementitious materials are characterized by quasi-brittle behaviour and susceptible to cracking [1]. The cracking process within concrete begins with isolated nano-cracks, which then conjoin to form micro-cracks and in turn macro-cracks. Formation and growth of cracks lead to loss of mechanical performance with time and also make concrete accessible to water and other degrading agents such as CO2, chlorides, sulfates, etc. leading to strength loss and corrosion of steel rebars. To improve brittleness of concrete, reinforcements such as polymeric as well as glass and carbon fibers have been used and microfibers improved the mechanical properties significantly by delaying (but could not stop) the transformation of micro-cracks into macro forms [2]. This fact encouraged the use of nano-sized fillers in concrete to prevent the growth of nano-cracks transforming in to micro and macro forms. Nanoparticles like SiO2, Fe2O3, and TiO2 led to considerable improvement in mechanical performance and moreover, nano-TiO2 helped to remove organic pollutants from concrete surfaces [3].por
dc.subjectCarbon Nanotubespor
dc.titleDevelopment of ductile cementitiuos composites using carbon nanotubespor
oaire.citationConferenceDate11 Fev. - 13 Fev. 2015por
oaire.citationConferencePlacePorto, Portugalpor
oaire.citationTitleNanoPortugal2015 – NanoPortugal International Conferencepor
dc.subject.fosEngenharia e Tecnologia::Nanotecnologiapor
sdum.conferencePublicationNanoPortugal2015 – NanoPortugal International Conferencepor
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