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TitleReading speed in the International Reading Speed Texts by native portuguese readers (IReST)
Author(s)Macedo, António Filipe
Silva, Carla Patrícia Lima da
International reading speed test
Issue date2013
Abstract(s)PURPOSE: To measure reading speed in the International Reading Speed Texts (IReST), adapted to Portuguese-Brazilian, of native Portuguese readers. METHODS: Thirteen normally sighted subjects in the age range 18-42 years were selected amongst lecturers, undergrad and postgrad students at University of Minho. All participants had no known reading disturbances including dyslexia. Participants read the 10 texts of the IReST in random order at 40cm, reading time was measured by stop watch and reading speed calculated in words-per-minute (wpm) and characters- per-minute (cpm). RESULTS: Reading speed was 191wpm (SD±9) and 1166cpm (SD±57). The effect of text in reading speed, in number of errors measured in words and characters was not statistically significant. Reading speed for each text was compared with previous reported data for Brazilian readers that were 180wpm (SD±8) and 1100cpm (SD±40). The difference in reading speed (wpm) between Brazilian and Portuguese readers was statistically significant, F(1,18)=7.0 and p=0.016. CONCLUSION: The main results of this exploratory study showed that reading speed in the Portuguese-Brazilian version of the IRST was higher amongst Portuguese readers. The difference might be due to differences in the population studied, that was higher educated in Portugal. Contrary to the Brazilian study we found no differences in reading speed amongst texts. Our results require further investigation including more subjects and different levels of education. REFERENCES: Trauzettel-Klosinski S, Dietz K; IReST Study Group, Standardized assessment of reading performance: the New International Reading Speed Texts IReST. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2012 Aug 13;53(9):5452-61.
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AccessOpen access
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