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TitleArtefacto #0000: study of traditional ceramic jug “Infusa”, for innovation by design, in Northern Portugal
Author(s)Oliveira, Isabel
Trigueiros, Paula
Providência, B
Duarte, Miguel Jorge Alves Miranda Bandeira
Martins, Carla
Fernandes, Isabel
KeywordsProduct design
Issue dateOct-2017
CitationOliveira, I., Trigueiros, P., Providencia, B., Duarte, M., Martins, C., & Fernandes, I. (2017). Artefacto #0000: study of traditional ceramic jug “Infusa”, for innovation by design, in Northern Portugal. In Senses & Sensibility’17: Design Beyond Borders and Rhizomes (pp. 90–97). Universidade da Madeira, Funchal: UNIDCOM| IADE.
Abstract(s)Artefacto #0000 is a Project dedicated to the study of handmade ceramic products from three locations in the northern region of Portugal. The project aims to understand the importance of a traditional ceramic artefact - “Infusa” (Jug) – in Portuguese life, studying its historical, ethnographic and morphological aspects. In addition to a didactical component of this project – to be materialized in an exhibition - we intend with this paper to foster innovation through product design. Four recent Portuguese projects with similar objectives were selected and analyzed. These are presented and illustrated with examples extruded from the study and interpretation of artefacts, materials or processes traditionally used by artisans from each location, but done by contemporary designers. The discussion observed three topics among the outcomes of those projects: a) Redesign of products aiming new markets; b) New processes and uses of traditional materials; c) Engagement of local craft activities. It is intended to share and discuss the preliminary results and eventually, find partners for future developments of Artefacto #0000 project.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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