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TitleLearner-centred materials development in initial language teacher education
Vieira, Flávia
KeywordsLearner-centred materials
Autonomy-oriented teaching
Initial teacher education
Issue date2017
PublisherInternational Organization of Scientific Research (IOSR)
JournalIOSR Journal of Research & Method in Education (IOSR-JRME)
CitationSudiran, & Vieira, F. (2017). Learner-centred materials development in initial language teacher education. IOSR Journal of Research & Method in Education (IOSR-JRME), 7(2), Ver. III, 70-79. doi:10.9790/7388-0702037079
Abstract(s)Given the fact that teacher-centred language pedagogies prevail in many school settings, initial teacher education programmes should empower trainees to become learner-centred professionals, which includes their ability to develop learner-centred materials. However, not much is known about how those programmes incorporate materials development with a view to promote learner autonomy. This paper presents a small-scale qualitative study in a university programme that prepares teachers of English as a foreign language for secondary schools. Learner-centred materials design and implementation is part of the programme and the purpose of the study was to investigate its value and shortcomings in professional learning and innovation for autonomy. Data was collected through interviews, classroom observation and the analysis of practicum portfolios. Results indicate that trainees believe in and seek to develop learner-centred materials and autonomy-oriented teaching, although constraints are identified relating to their background experience, the unpredictability of practice, and dominant pedagogic cultures in school. Learner-centred teaching appears to be a crucial yet demanding task for inexperienced teachers, requiring supervisor support and a compromise between mainstream practices and a drive to innovate. A framework based on an empowering vision of language (teacher) education is proposed for enhancing learner-centred materials development.
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