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TitleMothers experience in participating in the care of their hospitalised children
Author(s)Mendes, Maria Goreti
Martins, Maria Manuela
KeywordsCare partnership
Child hospitalisation
Family-nurse interactions
Issue date2011
PublisherElsevier Doyma
JournalEnfermeria Clinica
CitationMendes MG, Martins MM. La experiencia de las madres en la participación del cuidado de sus hijos hospitalizados. Enferm Clin. 2011. doi:10.1016/j.enfcli.2011.07.009
Abstract(s)Objectives: The purpose of this study was to describe the experience, the meaning and importance to them, of mothers participating in the care process of their child, as well as to identify interventions in which mothers were involved. Method: A qualitative approach was employed for this study, which was theoretically based on Symbolic Interactions and the Grounded Theory reference methodology. A semi-structured interview and observation were chosen as data collection techniques. The study included 18 mothers with hospitalised children. They were selected based on inclusion criteria: mothers with children hospitalised 5 or more days, and with a willingness to participate. The number of participants was defined using the criterion of data saturation. The data was analysed using the program Nvivo8. Results: Mothers understood the participation as an obligation and an aid to nurses. They also considered it as a contribution to the personal care of their children, for their well-being and for continuity of the parental role. The care in which the mothers were involved were those of family care, already developed in the home. They developed other forms of care, which were delegated by nurses without negotiation. The confusion of roles and the non-distribution of power caused anxiety in mothers when confronted with new forms of care. Conclusions: The mothers considered their participation in their child's care as very important, but this involvement was characterised by a continuation of the care provided at home. They developed other forms of care but were not fully involved.
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