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TitleInfluence of different ECM-like hydrogels on neurite outgrowth induced by adipose tissue-derived stem cells
Author(s)Oliveira, E.
Silva, Rita Catarina Assunção Ribeiro
Ziv-Polat, O.
Gomes, Eduardo Domingos Correia
Teixeira, Fábio Gabriel Rodrigues
Silva, Nuno
Shahar, A.
Salgado, A. J.
Issue date2017
PublisherHindawi Publishing Corporation
JournalStem Cells International
Abstract(s)Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) have been proposed for spinal cord injury (SCI) applications due to their capacity to secrete growth factors and vesicles-secretome-that impacts important phenomena in SCI regeneration. To improve MSC survival into SCI sites, hydrogels have been used as transplantation vehicles. Herein, we hypothesized if different hydrogels could interact differently with adipose tissue-derived MSCs (ASCs). The efficacy of three natural hydrogels, gellan gum (functionalized with a fibronectin peptide), collagen, and a hydrogel rich in laminin epitopes (NVR-gel) in promoting neuritogenesis (alone and cocultured with ASCs), was evaluated in the present study. Their impact on ASC survival, metabolic activity, and gene expression was also evaluated. Our results indicated that all hydrogels supported ASC survival and viability, being this more evident for the functionalized GG hydrogels. Moreover, the presence of different ECM-derived biological cues within the hydrogels appears to differently affect the mRNA levels of growth factors involved in neuronal survival, differentiation, and axonal outgrowth. All the hydrogel-based systems supported axonal growth mediated by ASCs, but this effect was more robust in functionalized GG. The data herein presented highlights the importance of biological cues within hydrogel-based biomaterials as possible modulators of ASC secretome and its effects for SCI applications.
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AccessOpen access
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