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TitleTalk back and think beyond: the reception of African literatures in Portugal and the self-definition of postcolonial nations through literature
Author(s)Passos, Joana
KeywordsPostcolonial literatures in Portuguese, Mozambican literature, Orlando Mendes, Cape Verdean literature, Vera Duarte
Issue date2008
PublisherCambridge Scholars Publishing
CitationPassos, J. (2009). Talk Back and Think Beyond: The Reception of African Literatures in Portugal and the Self-Definition of Postcolonial Nations through Literature. Afroeurope@ns: Cultures and Identities, 65-78.
Abstract(s)This article addresses the consolidation of postcolonial theory in the Portuguese academy. It presents two case studies: a short story from Mozambique, by Orlando Mendes, and poems by Vera Duarte, from Cape Verde.
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AccessOpen access
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