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TitleEvaluation of suitability of wheat bran as a natural filler in polymer processing
Author(s)Majewski, Łukasz
Gaspar-Cunha, A.
Wheat bran
Natural filler
Renewable raw materials
Injection molding
Issue date2018
PublisherNorth Carolina State University
Abstract(s)The promotion of sustainable economic development and issues related to ecological and environmental protection has led to a common interest in the use of raw materials from renewable sources. Recently, there have been many scientific works on the use of different natural wastes as components in the production of new composite materials and polymers. An example of natural waste that is not managed efficiently is grain husk, which is a by-product of the production of flour and other products. This work studied the use of wheat grain husk for plastic processing. A short review is presented of studies concerning the use of natural waste and materials as fillers for natural and synthetic polymers, as well as their potential applications. The authors conducted original research on the influence of the mass fraction and particle size of wheat bran on the selected properties of low-density polyethylene, which can be useful in the evaluation of the suitability of this raw material for particular technical applications.
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AccessOpen access
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