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TitleInteractive book electronic system and operation method thereof
Author(s)Figueiredo, Ana Carina Pinheiro
Pinto, Ana Lúcia Jesus
Branco, Pedro
Zagalo, Nelson
Issue date8-May-2018
PublisherUnited States Patent and Trademark Office
Abstract(s)Interactive electronic system having a screen and a three-axis compass sensor for detecting flipping of pages of a book, wherein the book comprises a plurality of pages, each having with one or more magnets, and wherein the system is arranged to detect the flipping of pages of the book by the data readings of the value of one axis, X, Y, or Z; or the magnitude of the calculated vector of the values of the axes X, Y, and Z. Also a method of interaction comprises: downloading the software of the book to the electronic device; putting the book which contains the sensors in a pre-determined area near the electronic device in manner to identify the pages; calibrating the system; obtaining the values of the magnitude of the magnetic field by the compass sensor to detect the page that is open; displaying the corresponding digital content in synchronization.
AccessOpen access
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