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TitleDecision-making framework for implementing safer human-robot collaboration workstations: system dynamics modeling
Author(s)Borges, Guilherme Deola
Reis, Angélica Muffato
Ariente Neto, Rafael
Mattos, Diego Luiz de
Cardoso, João André Vieira
Kirkici Gonçalves, Hatice
Merino, Eugenio
Colim, Ana S.
Carneiro, P.
Arezes, P.
KeywordsHuman-robot collaboration
System dynamics
Human factors
Issue date27-Oct-2021
PublisherMultidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)
CitationBorges, G.D.; Reis, A.M.; Ariente Neto, R.; Mattos, D.L.d.; Cardoso, A.; Gonçalves, H.; Merino, E.; Colim, A.; Carneiro, P.; Arezes, P. Decision-Making Framework for Implementing Safer Human-Robot Collaboration Workstations: System Dynamics Modeling. Safety 2021, 7, 75.
Abstract(s)Human-Robot Collaboration (HRC) systems are often implemented seeking for reducing risk of Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WMSD) development and increasing productivity. The challenge is to successfully implement an industrial HRC to manage those factors, considering that non-linear behaviors of complex systems can produce counterintuitive effects. Therefore, the aim of this study was to design a decision-making framework considering the key ergonomic methods and using a computational model for simulations. It considered the main systemic influences when implementing a collaborative robot (cobot) into a production system and simulated scenarios of productivity and WMSD risk. In order to verify whether the computational model for simulating scenarios would be useful in the framework, a case study in a manual assembly workstation was conducted. The results show that both cycle time and WMSD risk depend on the Level of Collaboration (LoC). The proposed framework helps deciding which cobot to implement in a context of industrial assembly process. System dynamics were used to understand the actual behavior of all factors and to predict scenarios. Finally, the framework presented a clear roadmap for the future development of an industrial HRC system, drastically reducing risk management in decision-making.
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