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TitleThe adoption of big data technologies - A challenge for national statistics offices
Author(s)dos Santos Cardoso, Fabio
Varajão, João
Carvalho, Ana
Big data technologies
National statistics offices
Issue dateJan-2021
PublisherAssociation for Information Systems (AIS)
Abstract(s)National Statistics Offices (NSOs) integrate the global statistical network system. As it happens with other organizations, NSOs need to innovate in their technological structure to keep offering timely and high-quality official data. Big Data technologies are among the most relevant to improve the performance of NSOs. However, on the one hand, there is considerable variation among NSOs regarding the adoption of these technologies, which is a matter of concern. On the other hand, the phenomenon is not being addressed in the research literature. This study outlines research that aims to contribute to the understanding of how NSO organizations adopt and disseminate Big Data technologies in their main processes, including collecting, analyzing, and providing public statistics.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
Appears in Collections:DSI - Engenharia e Gestão de Sistemas de Informação

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