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TitleTeaching service design in Portugal: A case study of a training offer
Author(s)Sampaio, João Nunes
Carvalho, Cecília Peixoto
Providencia, B
KeywordsService design
Product design
Collaborative design
Emotional design
Participatory design
Issue date24-Oct-2022
CitationSampaio, J., Peixoto Carvalho, C & Providência, B. (2022) Teaching service design in Portugal: A case study of a training offer, A. C. Broega et al. (Eds.): CIMODE 2022, advances in fashion and design research, pp. 518–528, 2023. Springer Nature Switzerland.
Abstract(s)The labour market’s need for people with service design training has become a necessity. This evidence is not only reflected in the emergence of com- panies that provide this type of service, but also in the diversification of areas close to service design along with the digitalization process linked to physical artefacts and, the procedures used/implemented in social, organizational and business daily life. In Portugal, the academy has taken a not very assertive position in respond- ing to this specific design need. Based on the previously described, we sought to frame the Portuguese academic training offer along with the Master in Prod- uct Design and Services at the University of Minho as a case study. Through its teaching approaches to product and service design, strategy, results, and the rela- tionship with society, this analysis reveals that emotional design and collaborative approaches emerge as differentiating elements. Starting from projects and initia- tives developed, we planned it to evaluate the suitability of this training to real contexts and, thus, the relevance of this teaching offer in preparing professionals for the future.
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