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TitleExtended Reality (XR) in the digital fashion landscape
Author(s)Faria, Ana Paula Barroso
Cunha, Joana
KeywordsImmersive media
Digital fashion
Fashion communication
User experience design
Issue date9-Aug-2023
JournalSpringer Proceedings in Business and Economics
CitationFaria, A.P., Cunha, J. (2023). Extended Reality (XR) in the Digital Fashion Landscape. In: Sabatini, N., Sádaba, T., Tosi, A., Neri, V., Cantoni, L. (eds) Fashion Communication in the Digital Age. FACTUM 2023. Springer Proceedings in Business and Economics. Springer, Cham.
Abstract(s)The fashion industry is progressively investing in technology, and the benefits of Extended Reality (XR) are not going unnoticed. Despite widespread interest in the topic, the literature is limited and the topic is poorly understood. This study brings XR in fashion to the forefront. Based on a review of several sources (latest news, reports, and literature), it describes the current landscape, presents the advantages and downsides of immersive technologies, and provides useful advice for practitioners. The results suggest that brands can leverage XR to establish close connections with consumers through personalised experiences and compelling stories. Moreover, some of the intricacies of XR are discussed, namely, costs and unresolved technical issues. Crafting meaningful XR experiences requires expertise in multiple domains, adding value to consumers through enhanced features and striving for quality.
TypeConference paper
Publisher version
AccessOpen access
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