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TitleIsolation of hydrodynamic parameters for the fibre length attrition in injection-moulded short-fibre polymer composites
Author(s)Ruiz, María P.
Pontes, A. J.
Ludueña, Leandro N.
Keywordsfibre breakage
Glass fibres
injection moulding
optical microscopy
polymer-matrix composites
Issue date2021
JournalJournal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites
CitationRuiz MP, Pontes AJV, Ludueña LN. Isolation of hydrodynamic parameters for the fibre length attrition in injection-moulded short-fibre polymer composites. Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites. 2021;40(13-14):505-517. doi:10.1177/0731684420983899
Abstract(s)A comprehensive study of the fibre breakage mechanisms during mould filling in injection moulding of short-fibre polymer composites requires the isolation of the main parameters promoting fibre length attrition. In this work, hydrodynamic parameters such as injection flow rate and residence time in the range of injection moulding were isolated, and their effect on fibre length attrition was studied. Fibre breakage was quantified by means of a capillary rheometer attached to an injection moulding machine minimising fibre-equipment interactions. Fibre breakage increased linearly as a function of injection flow rate in the range of 30–120 cm3.s−1. It was also found that residence time in the order of milliseconds had a significant effect on fibre breakage. The results shown that longer fibres had less breakage probability, which contradicts the buckling failure theory for brittle fibres in a simple shear flow. This result was attributed to the similar rotation period of the fibres in comparison with the test residence times.
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