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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
Feb-2019The efficacy of biofeedback approaches for obsessive-compulsive and related disorders: A systematic review and meta-analysisFerreira, Sónia; Pêgo, José M.; Morgado, PedroArticleOpen access
8-Jun-2015The Impact of Stress in Decision Making in the Context of UncertaintyMorgado, Pedro; Sousa, Nuno; Cerqueira, João JoséArticleOpen access
2-Dec-2013The impact of stress in the risk-based decision-making processes : insights from the lab and the clinicsMorgado, PedroDoctoral thesisOpen access
2017The neural correlates of obsessive-compulsive disorder: a multimodal perspectiveMoreira, Pedro Miguel Silva; Marques, P.; Soriano-Mas, C., et al.ArticleOpen access
30-Aug-2019The resting-brain of obsessive-compulsive disorderMoreira, Pedro Silva; Marques, Paulo; Magalhães, Ricardo, et al.ArticleOpen access
2014The woman who sees smaller objects: is it psychiatric or neurological?Morgado, Pedro; Sotto Mayor, Joana; Rodrigues, Margarida, et al.Letter to the editorOpen access
5-Dec-2018Trait determinants of impulsive behavior: a comprehensive analysis of 188 ratsSoares, Ana Rosa; Esteves, Madalena; Moreira, Pedro Miguel Silva, et al.ArticleOpen access
2019Treatments used for obsessive-compulsive disorder-An international perspectiveBrakoulias, Vlasios; Starcevic, Vladan; Albert, Umberto, et al.ArticleRestricted access (UMinho)
9-Apr-2015Violência contra as mulheres: tempo de actuarMorgado, PedroOtherOpen access