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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
26-Oct-2022Adhesion of bis-salphen-based coordination polymers to graphene: insights from free energy perturbation studyPyrlin, Sergey; Lenzi, Veniero; Silva, Alexandre, et al.ArticleOpen access
Oct-2022Antibacterial nanopatterned coatings for dental implantsFontelo, Raul; Costa, Diana Pereira Soares; Gómez-Florit, Manuel, et al.ArticleOpen access
Jun-2011Antimicrobial functionalized genetically engineered spider silkGomes, Sílvia C.; Leonor, I. B.; Mano, J. F., et al.ArticleOpen access
Aug-2015Biomimetic supramolecular designs for the controlled release of growth factors in bone regenerationAzevedo, Helena S.; Pashkuleva, I.ArticleOpen access
2-Oct-2023Block copolymer nanopatterns for biomedical applicationsFontelo Rodríguez, RaúlDoctoral thesisEmbargoed access (2 Years)
Aug-2018CARB 113: Co-assembly of peptide and carbohydrate amphiphiles to generate proteoglycan mimicsBrito, A.; Abul-Haija, Y. M.; Soares da Costa, D., et al.AbstractOpen access
May-2021Carbohydrate amphiphiles for supramolecular biomaterials: design, self-assembly, and applicationsBrito, Alexandra Manuela Fernandes; Kassem, Salma; Reis, R. L., et al.ArticleOpen access
6-Nov-2019Cationic surfactants: self-assembly, structure-activity correlation and their biological applicationsZakharova, Lucia Ya.; Pashirova, Tatiana N.; Doktorovova, Slavomira, et al.ArticleOpen access
Nov-2008Characterization of the self-assembly process of hydrophobically modified dextrinGonçalves, Catarina; Gama, F. M.ArticleOpen access
2011Development and characterization of polyelectrolyte nanocapsules for controlled release of bioactive compoundsPinheiro, A. C.; Vicente, A. A.; Coimbra, Manuel A.AbstractOpen access
9-Feb-2022Development of new supramolecular hypergelators based on non-natural amino acid residuesOliveira, Carlos Bruno PereiraMaster thesis Open access
15-Aug-2012Elastin-based nanoparticles for delivery of bone morphogenetic proteinsMachado, Raul; Bessa, Paulo C.; Reis, R. L., et al.Book partRestricted access (UMinho)
2020Elastins-based antimicrobial particles for delivery of bioactive compoundsMachado, Raul; da Costa, André; Pereira, Ana Margarida Macedo Bernardes, et al.Book partRestricted access (UMinho)
Apr-2021Emerging biofabrication approaches for gastrointestinal organoids towards patient specific cancer modelsSoto, Fernando; Guimarães, Carlos F.; Reis, R. L., et al.ArticleOpen access
Nov-2021Expanding the conformational landscape of minimalistic tripeptides by their O‑glycosylationBrito, Alexandra Manuela Fernandes; Dave, Dhwanit; Lampel, Ayala, et al.ArticleOpen access
May-2013Fabrication of phospholipid–xanthan microcapsules by combining microfluidics with self-assemblyMendes, A. C.; Baran, Erkan Türker; Reis, R. L., et al.ArticleRestricted access (UMinho)
Apr-2013Free-standing polyelectrolyte membranes made of chitosan and alginateCaridade, S. G.; Monge, Claire; Gilde, Flora, et al.ArticleOpen access
2017Frontispiece: fluorescence-lifetime imaging and super-resolution microscopies shed light on the directed- and self-assembly of functional porphyrins onto carbon nanotubes and flat surfacesMao, Boyang; Calatayud, David G.; Mirabello, Vincenzo, et al.OtherOpen access
5-Jan-2022Gelation behavior and the stability of multicomponent sterol-based oleogelsMartins, Artur J.; Cerqueira, Fátima; Vicente, A. A., et al.ArticleOpen access
Sep-2013Hyaluronan and self-assembling peptides as building blocks to reconstruct the extracellular environment in skin tissueFerreira, D. S.; Marques, A. P.; Reis, R. L., et al.ArticleRestricted access (UMinho)