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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2006Political instability and inflation volatilityVeiga, Francisco José; Aisen, AriWorking paperOpen access
Jan-2017Political opportunism and countercyclical fiscal policy in election-year recessionsBohn, Frank; Veiga, Francisco JoséWorking paperOpen access
2003Political trust, democratic institutions, and vote intentions: a cross-national analysis of European DemocraciesCamões, Pedro J.Working paperOpen access
Jan-2016Politically driven cycles in fiscal policy: in depth analysis of the functional components of government expendituresCastro, Vítor; Martins, RodrigoWorking paperOpen access
2002A política orçamental no quadro do pacto de estabilidade e crescimento na zona euro: um contributo críticoFerraz, António Mendes da SilvaWorking paperOpen access
2000Popularity functions for PortugalVeiga, Francisco José; Veiga, Linda GonçalvesWorking paperOpen access
2001Popularity functions, partisan effects and support in parliamentVeiga, Linda Gonçalves; Veiga, Francisco JoséWorking paperOpen access
2022Portability of firm corporate governance in mergers and acquisitionsHussain, Tanveer; Loureiro, GilbertoWorking paperOpen access
2012Portugal before and after the European Union: facts on nontradablesAlexandre, Fernando; Bação, PedroWorking paperOpen access
2005Portugal-EU convergence revisited: evidence for the period 1960-2003Freitas, Miguel Lebre deWorking paperOpen access
Dec-2002The Portuguese accounting system and international accounting harmonization: a formal harmonization studyRodrigues, Lúcia Lima; Fontes, Maria AlexandraWorking paperOpen access
2004Portuguese olive oil and the price of regional products : does designation of origin really matter?Ribeiro, J. Cadima; Santos, J. FreitasWorking paperOpen access
Apr-2008Portuguese quality wine and the region-of-origin effect : consumers' and retailers' perceptionsRibeiro, J. Cadima; Santos, José de FreitasWorking paperOpen access
2015Post-operating performance of cross-delisted firms from U.S. stock exchangesLoureiro, Gilberto; Silva, Sónia Maria da Silva Faria Nogueira daWorking paperOpen access
18-Nov-2011A poupança em PortugalAlexandre, Fernando; Conraria, Luís Aguiar; Bação, Pedro, et al.Working paperOpen access
2003Predicting the performance of a first year graduate studentConraria, Luís AguiarWorking paperOpen access
2013Preschool education in Brazil: does public supply crowd out private enrollment?Bastos, Paulo; Straume, Odd RuneWorking paperOpen access
Nov-2000Price discrimination and targeted advertising : a welfare analysisEsteves, Rosa Branca; Guimarães, PauloWorking paperOpen access
Apr-2008Price discrimination with partial information : does it pay off?Esteves, Rosa BrancaWorking paperOpen access
2010Price discrimination with private and imperfect informationEsteves, Rosa BrancaWorking paperOpen access