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TitleInfluence of design parameters on the mechanical behavior and porosity of braided fibrous stents
Author(s)Rebelo, Rita
Vila, Nívea Taís
Fangueiro, Raúl
Carvalho, Sandra
Rana, Sohel
KeywordsFibrous stents
Design parameters
Mechanical behavior
Issue dateJul-2015
JournalJournal Materials and Design
Abstract(s)In spite of all innovations in stent design, commonly used metallic stents present several problems such as corrosion, infection and restenosis, leading to health complications or even death of patients. In this context, the present paper reports a systematic investigation on designing and development of 100% fiber based stents, which can eliminate or minimize the problems with existing metallic stents. For this purpose, braided stents were produced by varying different materials, structural and process parameters such as mono-filament type and diameter, braiding angle and mandrel diameter. The influence of these design parameters on mechanical behavior as well as stent's porosity was thoroughly investigated, and suitable parameters were selected for developing a stentwith mechanical characteristics and porosity matching with the commercial stents. According to the experimental results, the best performance was achieved with a polyester stent designed with 0.27 mm monofilament diameter, braiding angle of 35° and mandrel diameter of 6 mm, providing similar properties to commercial Nitinol stents.
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