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TitleAn application of the Rasch model to reading comprehension measurement
Author(s)Santos, Sandra Cristina Silva
Cadime, Irene Maria Dias
Viana, Fernanda Leopoldina
Prieto, Gerardo
Chaves-Sousa, Séli
Spinillo, Alina Galvão
Ribeiro, Iolanda
KeywordsRasch Model
Vertical scaling
Reading comprehension
Issue date2016
JournalPsicologia: Reflexão e Crítica
CitationSantos, S., Cadime, I., Viana, F. L., Prieto, G., Chaves-Sousa, S., Spinillo, A. G., & Ribeiro, I. (2016). An application of the Rasch model to reading comprehension measurement. Psicologia: Reflexão & Crítica, 29 (38), 4-16.
Abstract(s)An effective reading comprehension measurement demands robust psychometric tools that allow teachers and researchers to evaluate the educational practices and track changes in students’ performance. In this study, we illustrate how Rasch model can be used to attend such demands and improve reading comprehension measurement. We discuss the construction of two reading comprehension tests: TRC-n, with narrative texts, and TRC-e, with expository texts. Three vertically scaled forms were generated for each test (TRC-n-2, TRC-n-3, TRC-n-4; TRC-e-2, TRC-e-3 and TRC-e-4), each meant to assess Portuguese students in second, third and fourth grade of elementary school. The tests were constructed according to a nonequivalent groups with anchor test design and data were analyzed using the Rasch model. The results provided evidence for good psychometric qualities for each test form, including unidimensionality and local independence and adequate reliability. A critical view of this study and future researches are discussed.
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AccessOpen access
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