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TitleInnovation in B-Learning: feelings experienced by the students of the Masters in Educational Technology
Author(s)Silva, Bento Duarte da
Pereira, Ana Lúcia
Almeida, Laurinda Ramalho de
KeywordsInnovation in B-learning
Feelings experienced
Masters in Educational Technology
Issue date2017
PublisherÇukurova University
CitationSilva, B., Pereira, A. & Almeida, L. (2017). Innovation in B-learning: Feelings experienced by the students of the Masters in Educational Technology. In: In: İlın, G., İlın, S. Silva, B.; Osório, A.; & Lencastre, J. (2017). Better e-Learning for Innovation in Education. Adana/Turkey: Çukurova University, pp. 79-104.
Abstract(s)The goal of this text is to approach educational innovation carried out on the Masters of Educational Technology, with its transition to b-Learning, showing results of an investigation that aimed to verify the intensity and frequency of positive and negative sensations experienced by the students attending to courses using this educational modality. The text has four sections. In the first one, there is a description about the educational innovation brought to the Masters’ with the transition to b-Learning, focusing on the induced sense of disruptive innovation; in the second one, there is an explanation on our understanding of feeling as an integrating element of affectivity according to Wallon’s Psychogenetic Theory; the third one is about methodological procedures of investigation and lastly, in the fourth section, there is na analysis and comments on the results. The text ends with some considerations fostered by the process of investigation itself.
TypeBook part
AccessOpen access
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