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TitleModeling and optimization of the injection-molding process: a review
Author(s)Fernandes, Célio Bruno Pinto
Pontes, A. J.
Viana, J. C.
Gaspar-Cunha, A.
KeywordsComputer modeling
Injection molding
Mathematical modeling
Issue date2018
PublisherJohn Wiley and Sons
JournalAdvances in Polymer Technology
Abstract(s)The purpose of this article is to review the research done in the field of mathematical modeling and optimization of the injection-molding (IM) process. Various papers related to the mathematical description of the filling, postfilling, and plasticating phases of the IM process were assessed, and some recent advances on the IM field are described. In addition, research devoted to the optimization of the IM process based on various techniques is also discussed. These optimization techniques include design of experiments, artificial neural networks, and evolutionary algorithms. The strengths and weaknesses of each approach were discussed. Finally, this paper also discusses the optimization research performed in the IM process regarding some of the specific features associated with the processes such as runner system and cooling channel configurations, process conditions, gate location, and cavity pressure balancing.
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