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TitleSexual harassment and mobbing: recent amendments in the Portuguese law
Author(s)Moreira, Teresa Alexandra Coelho
Martins, David Carvalho
KeywordsSexual harassment
Recent amendments
Victim protection
Witnesses protection
Code of conduct
Disciplinary procedure
Issue date2019
PublisherSAGE Publications
JournalEuropean Labour Law Journal (ELLJ)
Abstract(s)The Law no. 73/2017, of 16 August, intended to help the fight against sexual harassment and mobbing, through some problematic provisions, notably (i) the protection of the victim and his/her witnesses against disciplinary measures and also during the process of the claim being brought against the employer and/or the agent, (ii) the obligation of the employer to implement a code of conduct, (iv) the duty of the employer to start a disciplinary procedure and (iv) the amendment of the regime applicable to the termination of the employment contract. The paper will analyse such measures and foresee possible problems arising at the time the law is applied.
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