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TitleContributions of adaptive laboratory evolution towards the enhancement of the biotechnological potential of non-conventional yeast species
Author(s)Fernandes, Ticiana
Osório, Carolina
Sousa, Maria João
Franco-Duarte, Ricardo
Non-conventional yeast species
Issue date31-Jan-2023
PublisherMultidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute
JournalJournal of Fungi
CitationFernandes, T.; Osório, C.; Sousa, M.J.; Franco-Duarte, R. Contributions of Adaptive Laboratory Evolution towards the Enhancement of the Biotechnological Potential of Non-Conventional Yeast Species. J. Fungi 2023, 9, 186.
Abstract(s)Changes in biological properties over several generations, induced by controlling shortterm evolutionary processes in the laboratory through selective pressure, and whole-genome re-sequencing, help determine the genetic basis of microorganism’s adaptive laboratory evolution (ALE). Due to the versatility of this technique and the imminent urgency for alternatives to petroleum-based strategies, ALE has been actively conducted for several yeasts, primarily using the conventional species Saccharomyces cerevisiae, but also non-conventional yeasts. As a hot topic at the moment since genetically modified organisms are a debatable subject and a global consensus on their employment has not yet been attained, a panoply of new studies employing ALE approaches have emerged and many different applications have been exploited in this context. In the present review, we gathered, for the first time, relevant studies showing the ALE of non-conventional yeast species towards their biotechnological improvement, cataloging them according to the aim of the study, and comparing them considering the species used, the outcome of the experiment, and the employed methodology. This review sheds light on the applicability of ALE as a powerful tool to enhance species features and improve their performance in biotechnology, with emphasis on the non-conventional yeast species, as an alternative or in combination with genome editing approaches.
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